Location: Granada
Country: Spain
Contacto Información: [email protected]
Website Address: Link

Smart-City Strategic Plan defines eight Strategic Objectives framed within the different areas of the SmartCity, and the actions that the city must carry out in the coming years. the Granada Replication Plan, which is being developed in the context of the POCITYF project, comprises a selection of Innovative Solutions to be replicated in the city, which represent a further step in the roadmap for the decarbonisation of Granada by 2050. These innovative solutions, which have already demonstrated their techno-economic viability and benefits in the different Smart Areas, will also enable progress to be made in achieving the Strategic Objectives defined in the Granada Smart-City Strategic Plan, and consolidate Granada as a Smart-City, in line with its City-Vision.

Thematic Area – Climate change adaptation
Thematic Sub-category – Buildings & environment
Type of Actor/Agent -Government
Typology of Green Urban Site – With the project
called “Pilots of intelligent buildings of Granada”, the
municipality has found specific needed smart city
measures for 177 Municipal Buildings, 4 Public
Parking, 1 Railway station, and 1 Bus station.

Green City Elements:

  • Urbanismo Verde
  • Integrated Photovoltaics in Urban Environment
  • Energy Efficiency in Urban Planning
  • Solar Energy – Photovoltaics
  • Comunidades Energéticas
  • Fuentes de Energía Alternativas
  • Economía Inteligente
  • Personas Inteligentes
  • Gobierno Inteligente
  • Movilidad Inteligente
  • Medio Ambiente Inteligente
  • Vida Inteligente
  • Citizen Engagement,
  • Consumo urbano De energía
  • Ahorro de Energia
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Engagement and Consultation:
Target Groups – Politicians, policy officers or their
Public Engagement – Was applied, proper public
Consultation Tools Used – Survey or feedback
forms at public meetings, stakeholder interviews

Innovation and Impact
A sustainable and liveable city. A city with an open
and transparent municipal administration. A city
which is committed to the business development.
A city that uses new technologies and innovation
as a lever for the development.
Expected Impact Medium
Level of Scale of Innovation 3

Budget and Analysis:
Budget Spent, Source of Money: n/a
Temperature & Climate control, Improved Air
Quality, Improved environmental resilience,
Increased cultural significance, Social cost
savings (such as the impact of reduced air
pollution), Creation of green jobs and business
opportunities, Enhancing social ties, Providing
educational opportunities.
Challenges: Granada aims to be a sustainable
and liveable city with a high quality of life in which
the citizens are an active part of the decisionmaking process, and in which economic
development is promoted through new
technologies and innovation. The main objective
is making Granada a true smart city in all aspects,
both environmental and economic and social.
Resources and Transferability:
Teaching Materials/Resources: Video, Leaflet
Personal Skills Required: Low
Non-discriminatory Principles: Yes
Transferability Potential: Medium