Location: Poggibonsi 

Country: Italy 

Contact Information: [email protected]  

Website Address: https://www.comune.poggibonsi.si.it/la-citta/ambiente-e-territorio/poggibonsi-sostenibile/  

  • Project Details:  

Mobility, efficiency, environmental protection and much more for a Sustainable Poggibonsi. A community that intends to make its contribution to the fight against climate change through a set of multi-year actions that develop and will develop starting from commitments made first in the city government program 2019-2024.  The Municipality of Poggibonsi has launched a central planning phase for the future of the area. A path that will see, over the next two years, the construction of four urban instruments: the new Structural Plan, the Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility (SUMP), the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and the Climate (SECAP) and the reorganization plan of the municipal solid waste management and collection service. Alongside the planning process, the Municipality has activated a process of information and participation “Poggibonsi For Future”, to accompany, in a shared and participatory way, the drafting of the four urban planning instruments, throughout their entire process. It is a single and integrated path on the themes of mobility, energy saving and efficiency, waste collection and territorial governance.  

Thematic Area: Climate Change Mitigation 

Thematic Sub-category: Sustainable Mobility, Green Urbanism related to Energy consumption, Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources, Buildings & environment, Waste management, Smart city domains for the citizens in green cities, Smart city solutions and tools, Better consumption & production, Energy Efficiency. 

Type of Actor/Agent: Local Council 

Typology of Green Urban Site: Street and residential project. 

  • Elementos De La Ciudad Verde used – Human-Powered Mobility, Public Transport, Electric and Alternative Mobility, Multimodal Mobility, Integrated Photovoltaics in Urban Environment, Energy Efficiency in Urban Planning, Solar Energy – Photovoltaics, Compost, Plastic waste, Conscious Consumption, Smart People, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart Living, Citizen Engagement, Co-creation in Urban Planning, Energy Savings.  
  • Engagement and Consultation 

Target Group – Citizens. 

Public Engagement – YES. 

Consultation Tools Used – Survey or feedback forms at public meetings, Stakeholder interviews, Proper public engagement. 

E-tools: – https://partecipa.toscana.it/web/poggibonsi-for-future/?fbclid=PAAaY7QJZM1QHKbMujnARUwBmpuKakymT_91bazsvUDueElkMtUiYqqwC0MjU  

  • Innovation and Impact 

Level of Scale of Innovation: 4 

Abstract of Elements of Innovation – Activities of stakeholders’ engagement through a mix of raise-awareness campaigns, involvement of students and children, and co-development of council’s strategic planning documents. 

Expected Impact Medium. 

  • Analysis: – Needs Analysis not conducted. 
  • Benefits (B) and Challenges (C) 

(B) Temperature & Climate control, Improved Air Quality, More wildlife & better habitats, Improved environmental resilience, Limiting impact of heatwaves by reducing urban temperatures, Well-being benefits (such as people’s perception of increased biodiversity and improved visual quality of the environment), Social cost savings (such as the impact of reduced air pollution), Improved visual quality of the environment, Recreational opportunities, Aesthetic enjoyment, Enhancing social ties, Providing educational opportunities, Improving physical fitness and reducing depression.  

(C) N/A. 

  • Resources and Transferability 

Teaching Materials/Resources: N/A 

Personal Skills Required: Medium 

Non-discriminatory Principles N/A 

Transferability Potential High