Location: Ionian and Aegean islands 

Country: Greece 

Contact Information: [email protected]  

Website Address: https://dafninetwork.gr/en/portfolio/establishing-a-database-of-open-environmental-data-on-the-ionian-and-aegean-islands/  

  • Project Details:  

The purpose of the project is the development of a Geospatial Data Online Portal for all the Greek islands apart from Crete and Evia. The project is essentially about establishing an organised database network (platform) with common standards and protocols, which will ensure compatibility and interoperability between data and services. The purpose of the project is to enable users to actively participate in designing the Portal, by intervening with comments and recommendations on the completeness of information. Furthermore, it will allow them to express well-founded opinions on administration decisions, which refer to geospatial/environmental data. The ultimate objective of the project is to establish cooperation and data exchange relationships with other actors (e.g., The Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, etc.). 

Thematic Area: Digitalisation. 

Thematic Sub-category: Tourism Adapted to Climate Change, Smart city domains for the citizens in green cities, Smart city solutions and tools. 

Type of Actor/Agent: Non-profit Organization 

Typology of Green Urban Site: Creativity centre 

  • Zöld Város Elemek used – Compost, Smart Economy, Smart People, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Citizen Engagement, Co-creation in Urban Planning, Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Engagement and Consultation 

Target Group – Citizens, 

Public Engagement – No. 

E-tools: – N/A   

  • Innovation and Impact 

Level of Scale of Innovation: N/A 

Abstract of Elements of Innovation – N/A.  

Expected Impact N/A. 

  • Analysis: – N/A. 
  • Benefits (B) and Challenges (C) 

(B) Well-being benefits (such as people’s perception of increased biodiversity and improved visual quality of the environment), Creation of green jobs and business opportunities. 

(C) N/A. 

  • Resources and Transferability 

Teaching Materials/Resources: N/A 

Personal Skills Required: N/A 

Non-discriminatory Principles N/A 

Transferability Potential Medium