1st Multiplier Event in Latvia Glimpse into the Future of Sustainable Cities in Kuldiga

On August 31th, 2023 in the historical Needle Factory of Kuldīga the Greenvolve projects first Multiplier event was held. It was a day marked by anticipation and the promise of progress as participants gathered to be introduced to a venture that could redefine urban living – project Greenvolve. 
Projects first multiplier event was a cornerstone moment, laying the foundational knowledge of the Greenvolve project, its robust partnership network, and the shared aspirations that could pave the way for smarter, greener cities. The project team articulated their vision, presenting the strides made towards sustainable urban development and celebrating the key successes achieved so far. 
The day’s discussions revolved around the overarching goals of the Greenvolve project – to integrate technology seamlessly with nature and to foster urban environments where sustainability is not just an afterthought but the core principle of development. The Greenvolve project’s first meeting with local citizens was an inspiring beginning, setting the stage for a journey towards creating urban spaces that are not only smart and technologically advanced but also harmonious with the environment – a true testament to the vision of a sustainable future.