Green City Elements

The “Green Cities with Smart Citizens” (Greenvolve) project aims to support active citizenship amongst the general public with content, knowledge and the skills necessary to successfully navigate Green City proposed in their locality – focusing on the green city elements and public engagement. Helping to digest the highly scientific content for non-technical audiences, such as citizens and also policy-makers, is one of our communication objectives. To this end, Greenvolve has developed a number of capacity-building activities like these Green City Elements’ cards.

Green cities are urban areas that prioritise environmental responsibility and social well-being. These cities go beyond just the presence of green spaces or the use of renewable energy sources and will play an important role in reducing global emissions. From sustainable public transportation to composting, we explore what are the most important features of green cities and society, and how any cities and citizens can learn to help the planet.

These e-cards are free to use subject that you acknowledge the source, do not change anything on the infographics and do not use it for commercial purposes.