2nd Multiplier Event in Latvia, Green Tech Day in Kuldīga

Kuldīga, November 25, 2023 – Nestled within the historic walls of Kuldīga’s Needle Factory, once a symbol of industrial progress, had transformed into a crucible for sustainable innovation, sending ripples of green thought across the region and beyond. The Green Tech Day event, held on November 25th, 2023, marked a significant stride towards a more sustainable future. The day was abuzz with excitement as numerous attendees gathered to explore the advancements and achievements of the Greenvolve project, along with a plethora of green technology innovations aimed at crafting eco-friendly urban spaces. 
The Greenvolve project showcased its accomplishments. Attendees were given a comprehensive tour through the Greenvolve platform, which is pioneering the transformation of urban environments into green cities. The event provided a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the integration of green city elements and the functionalities of the Greenvolve game, which illustrates best practices for developing sustainable solutions in urban settings. The highlight of the day was the interactive presentations, where participants could delve into the real-world applications and benefits of Greenvolve’s offerings. From the conceptual framework to the tangible outcomes, every aspect of green urban development was touched upon, providing a rich learning experience for city planners, environmental enthusiasts, and the general public alike. 
The success of the day was evident in the lively discussions, the networking between professionals, and the enthusiastic response of the audience. It underscored the community’s commitment to embracing green technologies and set a precedent for other cities to follow in the pursuit of sustainability. 
The Green Tech Day in Kuldīga was a testament to the power of collective effort and the shared vision of a greener, smarter, and more sustainable urban life.