Location: Msida
Country: Malta
Contact Information: [email protected]
Website Address: wsc.com.mt/information/new-water/

Malta is a semi-arid country located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. The scarcity of water has always been an issue since documented history and meeting the demand for both municipal water supply as well as the needs of the agricultural and commercial sectors has always provided an important challenge. The ‘New Water’ project is providing an annual production capacity of 7 million m3 of high-quality water suitable for safe crop irrigation. The project will hence have the capacity to potentially address up to 35% of the current total water demand of the agricultural sector. In addition, the high quality of the New Water can enable its use for landscaping and industry, further enabling the use of this water during periods of low demand by the agricultural sector.

Thematic Area –Climate change adaptation
Thematic Sub-category –

  • Water as natural resource
  • Smart city solutions and tools
  • Green Urbanism related to improving social

Type of Actor/Agent – Government
Typology of Green Urban Site – Agriculture and
industrial areas.

Green City Elements: 

  • Green Urbanism
  • Energy Efficiency in Urban Planning
  • Water Recovery and Reuse
  • Water storage, Irrigation
  • Buildings and Climate Change
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Tourism
  • Heatwaves
  • Cradle-to-cradle
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart Environment
  • Urban Energy Consumption.

Engagement and Consultation:

Target Groups – Citizens
Public Engagement – Was applied, proper public
Consultation Tools Used – In-person focus group

Innovation and Impact:
Waste water treatment, agriculture, circular
Expected Impact High
Level of Scale of Innovation 4

Budget and Analysis:
Budget Spent, Source of Money: 13 million Euro
Flooding & water quality, Increased biodiversity,
improved environmental resilience, limiting impact
of heatwaves by reducing urban temperatures,
Increased cultural significance, creation of green
jobs and business opportunities.
Challenges: Delays in project implementation

Resources and Transferability:
Teaching Materials/Resources: n/a
Personal Skills Required: High
Non-discriminatory Principles:No
Transferability Potential: High