Location: Spain 

Country: Spain 

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The objective is establishing a social dialogue on the major issues involved in the ecological transition, around the question: “A safer and fairer Spain in the face of climate change. How do we do it?” 

Thematic Area: Climate Change Mitigation. 

Thematic Sub-category: Green Urbanism related to improving social relations. 

Type of Actor/Agent 

  • National, European and international public administrations and organizations 
  • International: Consumer Organizations United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC/UNFCCC) 
  • European: European Comission -Spanish: Parliament Government of Spain Ministry of Consumption Ministry of Health Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism 
  • Civil Society: Consumer Organizations (Ex. OCU; FACUA) 
  • Environmental Organizations 
  • Citizens  

Typology of Green Urban Site: The sites covered by the objectives established in the final report range from the city to rural areas, trying to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the different areas. 

  • Green City Elements used – Human-Powered Mobility, Public Transport, Electric and Alternative Mobility, Shared Mobility and MaaS, Green Urbanism, Integrated Photovoltaics in Urban Environment, Energy Efficiency in Urban Planning, Solar Energy – Photovoltaics, Positive Energy Neighbourhoods, Energy Efficiency in Urban Planning, Energy Communities, Solar Energy – Photovoltaics, Alternative Energy Sources, Buildings and Climate Change, Circular Design, 3Rs and 7Rs, Conscious Consumption, Smart Economy, Smart People, Citizen Engagement, Energy Management Systems, Urban Energy Consumption, Energy Savings.  
  • Engagement and Consultation 

Target Group – Citizens. 

Public Engagement – YES. 

Consultation Tools Used – In-person focus group, Focus groups, Stakeholder interviews, Proper public engagement. 

E-tools: –  

  • Innovation and Impact 

Level of Scale of Innovation: 3 

Abstract of Elements of Innovation – The fact of making people with different profiles participate in the assembly helps to have a better understanding of the existing problems and to set objectives in different areas, both rural and urban. 

Expected Impact Medium. 

  • Analysis: – Needs Analysis conducted. 
  • Benefits (B) and Challenges (C) 

(B) N/A 

(C) It comprises any person who makes use of that space without distinguishing between the personal abilities of each of them. 

  • Resources and Transferability 

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Personal Skills Required: MEDIUM 

Non-discriminatory Principles YES 

Transferability Potential Medium