Location: Vienna


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  • Project Details:  

The Cooling Zone project in Vienna, launching in summer 2023, offers a respite from the summer heat, particularly for vulnerable populations. These zones, maintained at a comfortable temperature range of 20- 24 degrees Celsius, are designed to alleviate heat stress without causing any physical strain. The pilot project, part of the Vienna Heat Action Plan and the neighborhood renewal program WieNeu+, will initially feature two locations in partnership with Urban Innovation Vienna and local organizations. These zones provide a haven where people can relax, enjoy cold drinks, rest, and engage in social activities, all free of charge and without the obligation to spend. Located in Leopoldstadt and Brigittenau, the zones aim to combat both social isolation and heat-related health risks, contributing to a more heat-resilient city. The ultimate goal is to establish a dense network of such zones, especially in areas experiencing significant heat island effects.

Thematic Area: Climate change adaptation

Thematic Sub-category: Buildings & environment
Behavioural adaptation to extreme weather 

Type of Actor/Agent: Local Council

Typology of Green Urban Site: Street and
residential project 

  • Green City Elements used
    Adapted Touristic Facilities
    Smart Governance
    Smart Environment
    Heating and Cooling
  • Engagement and Consultation

Target Group – Citizens, 

Public Engagement – n/a. 

Consultation Tools Used – n/a

  • Innovation and Impact:
    Innovative approach to urban heat management,
    providing cool indoor spaces as a refuge from
    summer heat waves, particularly for vulnerable
    populations. The impact of this initiative extends
    beyond immediate comfort; it contributes to public
    health by preventing heat-related illnesses and
    aligns with Sustainable Development Goals by
    fostering inclusive, safe, and sustainable urban
    environments. This project sets a precedent for
    addressing urban heat challenges in a holistic and
    community-focused manner.
    Expected Impact High
    Level of Scale of Innovation 4
  • Resources and Transferability 

Teaching Materials/Resources: n/a
Personal Skills Required: Low
Non-discriminatory Principles: Yes
Transferability Potential: High