Location: Kuldiga
Country: Latvia
Contact Information: [email protected]
Website Address: Link

The “COOLDIGA Art Fest” in Kuldīga city offers an unprecedented virtual experience, showcasing the evolving potential of the metaverse in art exhibitions and future city development. This innovative festival transforms Kuldīga into a digital art hub, featuring 3D creations by artists from across Latvia. The festival, focusing on digital art and photography, aligns with modern technological trends, providing a platform for artists to create works in video animation and augmented reality. This approach not only enhances the art festival experience but also explores new interdisciplinary methods, contributing to the cultural and technological development of the city. As from 2023 Kuldiga Old town is a UNESCO site visitors can explore old city undisturbed and use METAVERSE technology to get further information of individual art works as well as this is a first step for digitalising city and slowly introducing tourists and locals to augmented reality technology, digital twins and smart city solutions.

Thematic Area – Digitalisation
Thematic Sub-category –

  • Smart city domains for the citizens in green
  • Smart city solutions and tools.

Type of Actor/Agent – Local Council
Typology of Green Urban Site – CIty in general

Green City Elements:

  • Adapted Touristic Facilities
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart People
  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Living
  • Sensorization
  • Co-creation in Urban Planning
  • Artificial Intelligence.

Engagement and Consultation:
Target Groups – Citizens
Public Engagement – Was not applied.
Consultation Tools Used – n/a

Resources and Transferability:
Teaching Materials/Resources: n/a
Personal Skills Required: Medium
Non-discriminatory Principles: Yes
Transferability Potential: High

Innovation and Impact:
The “COOLDIGA Art Fest” in Kuldīga represents a
significant fusion of art and technology, providing
a model for future city planning that embraces
cultural enrichment, technological education, and
economic growth. By showcasing digital and
augmented reality art, the festival not only
enriches the local cultural landscape but also
inspires innovation among artists and creatives. It
has the potential to boost tourism, foster
community engagement, and enhance the city’s
image as a hub of modernity. Incorporating such
innovative events into city planning can guide
Kuldīga towards becoming a dynamic, culturally
vibrant city, attracting investments and setting a
precedent for integrating technology and art in
urban development.
Expected Impact High
Level of Scale of Innovation 5

Budget and Analysis:
Budget Spent, Source of Money: Local Council
Benefits: Improving physical fitness and reducing
depression, Increased cultural significance,
Improved visual quality of the environment,
Recreational opportunities, Adjusting
psychological well-being and physical health,
Enhancing social ties.
Challenges: Its challenging to get residents to
adopt new technologies like digital and
augmented reality.