Location: Trikala 

Country: Greece 

Contact Information: [email protected]   

Website Address: https://www.e-trikala.gr/    

  • Project Details:  

e-Trikala S.A. is an emerging company, formed within the Municipality of Trikala. E-Trikala continuously aims to the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based applications, oriented to the improvement of all citizens’ everyday life, in a medium sized city, simplifying public transactions, reducing telecommunication costs, and delivering new services related to the local way of life. Moreover, these ICT applications offer new ways and methods that enable citizens participate on policy-making, while in parallel establish local Government and Public Authorities as guarantors of local society’s every day proper, digital and distanced operation. 

Thematic Area: Digitalisation 

Thematic Sub-category: Sustainable Mobility, Tourism Adapted to Climate Change, Waste management, Smart city domains for the citizens in green cities, Smart city solutions and tools. 

Type of Actor/Agent: Private business. 

Typology of Green Urban Site: City, Urban areas. 

  • Green City Elements used – Public Transport, Electric and Alternative Mobility, Adapted Touristic Facilities, Compost, Smart Economy, Smart People, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Citizen Engagement, Co-creation in Urban Planning. 
  • Engagement and Consultation 

Target Group – Citizens. 

Public Engagement – YES. 

E-tools: – https://www.e-trikala.gr/portfolio/e-dialogos-egovernment-tool/  

  • Innovation and Impact 

Level of Scale of Innovation: N/A 

Abstract of Elements of Innovation – E-Dialogos is an innovative e-Government “tool”, in which each Trikala citizen – from anywhere in the country or the planet – has free access. Through the website www.edialogos.gr  citizens have the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making processes of the municipality, with the use of new technologies. 

Similarly, the Municipality of Trikala is given the opportunity to work creatively and productively with people making online poll, picking Electronic Signatures and participating in an online consultation with a view to preparing and implementing policy actions. 

Expected Impact N/A 

  • Analysis: – N/A. 
  • Benefits (B) and Challenges (C) 

(B) Well-being benefits (such as people’s perception of increased biodiversity and improved visual quality of the environment), Creation of green jobs and business opportunities, Improved visual quality of the environment.  

(C) N/A. 

  • Resources and Transferability 

Teaching Materials/Resources: N/A 

Personal Skills Required: N/A. 

Non-discriminatory Principles N/A 

Transferability Potential Medium.