Electric Appliances





The EU has energy labels which help citizens to compare the different electric household appliances on the basis of their efficiency in order to make informed choices before purchasing. These labels can be seen on lightbulbs, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. From March 2021, we use rescaled labels with simpler classification which uses only letters (A-G), but only for a few product categories, i.e., fridges, freezers, dishwashers and television sets also, covering monitors. In 2021, light sources were also rescaled.


EU energy label provides a rating on energy related performance of certain product groups. Besides the energy consumption, it also takes into account the consumed resources per cycle like water depending on the type of the product. The new classification is simple, A indicates the most energy efficient household appliances while the least efficient ones get G. This A-G scale eliminated the former rating (A+ – A+++) in case of certain product categories. According to the plans, by August 2023, the rescaled labels should be applied for each product group which requires an energy label.

Energy labels help consumers to identify energy efficient products, thus, to save energy and in this way money in the household. It also motivates manufacturers to invest in innovation and develop more and more efficient products. Rescaled labels also have a QR code allowing the consumers to get more information on the product. EU ecodesign rules addressing manufacturers sets minimum requirements for products sold on EU market.

Energy labels and ecodesign measures are estimated to save 230 Mtoe energy yearly by 2030 that is equal to the final energy consumption of Spain and Poland together.