Location: Tallin  

Country: Estonia 

Contact Information: https://maptionnaire.com/contact-us   

Website Address: https://maptionnaire.com/best-participation-practices/examples-of-civic-engagement-from-tallinn   

  • Project Details:  

The City of Tallinn continuously invites its residents to participate in the development of the city, be it choosing modern art installations or planning a new green space in the city. Here are three examples of civic engagement projects done with an online community engagement platform Maptionnaire. When digitized, their engagement projects became more inclusive, and the planning is more efficient. 

Overall, online civic engagement proved to be of value to Tallinn and its residents, and the city is on its way to adopting this solution in other departments. 

Thematic Area: Digitalisation 

Thematic Sub-category: Smart city solutions and tools. 

Type of Actor/Agent: Urban planners and citizens 

Typology of Green Urban Site: Public Park. 

  • Green City Elements used – Green Urbanism, Energy Efficiency in Urban Planning, Bee-friendly gardens, Smart People, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility. 
  • Engagement and Consultation 

Target Group – Citizens. 

Public Engagement – YES. 

Consultation Tools Used – Survey or feedback forms at public meetings, Focus groups, Stakeholder interviews, Proper public engagement. 

E-tools: – https://www.maptionnaire.com/customer-stories/examples-of-civic-engagement-from-tallinn  

  • Innovation and Impact 

Level of Scale of Innovation: 3 

Abstract of Elements of Innovation – The platform has made the engagement projects more inclusive and efficient by allowing planners to visualize the project within its context, explain it better to the public, and receive precise geolocated feedback. 

Expected Impact Medium. 

  • Analysis: – Needs Analysis conducted. 
  • Benefits (B) and Challenges (C) 

(B) Improved Air Quality, improved environmental resilience, Increased cultural significance, Social cost savings (such as the impact of reduced air pollution), Improved visual quality of the environment, Recreational opportunities, Enhancing social ties, Providing educational opportunities.  

(C) People need learning how to use maps and other information on the platform. 

  • Resources and Transferability 

Teaching Materials/Resources: https://maptionnaire.com/masterclasseshttps://maptionnaire.com/customer-stories, https://maptionnaire.com/videos, https://maptionnaire.com/news-events, https://maptionnaire.com/bloghttps://maptionnaire.com/webinars-ondemand  

Personal Skills Required: MEDIUM 

Non-discriminatory Principles YES 

Transferability Potential Medium