Greece 1st Multiplier Event

On the 25th of October ReadLab hosted its first multiplier event about the project Greenvolve. The event took place at Myrtillo Café, which is a Social Cooperative Enterprise with a Special Purpose (the integration of vulnerable groups into the labour market. It is an innovative self-supporting business and training entity, where all employees are jointly responsible for its viability. At present, 90% of those who work in Myrtillo belong to vulnerable groups (persons with disabilities).  

The event brought together participants of all age groups, with more focus on the younger generation, giving them the opportunity to discuss about the lack of environmental consciousness in Greek households, municipalities’ actions towards making Greek cities greener and how citizens themselves can take on a more active role in engaging with decision making. The presenters had the opportunity to talk about the project objectives and the results that came after the two years of hard work. The audience also had the opportunity to first-hand experience the Greenvolve Game as the presenters played the game with the participants.