Greece 2nd Multiplier Event

On the 25th of November, exactly one month after the first event, ReadLab hosted the second Multiplier Event of the Greenvolve Project in Greece. The venue remained the same, as Myrtillo Café is a space of much social and humanitarian value, as it gives the opportunity to people with disabilities to work and enhance their skills. The finalized project results of the Greenvolve Project were presented to an audience consisting of all ages above 18 years and all backgrounds. The presenters had the opportunity to present the project’s hard work, especially the Greenvolve Game developed by ReadLab as part of the Greenvolve’s E-Learning Platform.  

The host organization has also invited as a speaker Ms Iliana Kroustali, Co-Founder of “The Tribe in Action”. The Tribe in Action is is an Athens community-based organization with a
worldwide presence linking local and global sustainability. Their aim is to work on desertified lands, recreate the ecosystem through water management and they are mainly focused on supporting local communities by planting food forests, educating people and setting the guidelines for their sustainable living.  

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