Greenvolve Webinar, Spain “Responsible citizenship for a better climate and green cities”

The Granada County Council celebrated on the 21st December 2022 a technical event about “Citizen participation applied to energy and climate” under the EU GREENVOLVE project. 

The project wants to inform and form citizenship, including public workers, about possibilities of public participation, its advantages, possible methodologies, ways to be coordinated, abilities needed to be fostered, and knowledge about urban green and efficient design solutions and best practices in a simple way that can be understood by any regular citizen. This way we try to promote among the attendees and the general public the adoption of interesting combination of public participation initiatives and real examples of implementation of “green solutions”. 

On this day, several local initiatives were presented at the national and provincial level, and online tools from the Granada provincial energy office and the environment delegation. Specifically, specific information was given about the GREENVOLVE project and its objectives, as well as the progress made. Other initiative presented was the joint initiative of the University and the Provincial Council “IMPRONTA Granada” through the European call “Science Meet Regions”. As well a presentation was given of the Citizen Assembly for Climate initiative, the Energy Consumer Information Office, or other interesting local citizen initiatives related to GREENVOLVE.