Location: Parma
Country: Italy
Contact Information: [email protected]
Website Address:

The KilometroVerdeParma is a concrete, widespread, tangible project aimed at everyone, which aims to create green areas and permanent woods in Parma and its province. Anyone who wants to make their resources available, be they time, space or money, can make their contribution to KilometroVerdeParma. Behind the scenes of the project, with the aim of carrying it forward, defining the guidelines and coordinating all the people involved, there is the Consorzio Forestale KilometroVerdeParma Social Enterprise, a non-profit organization established in May 2020. The goal of the KilometroVerdeParma project and of those who created it is to take action on today’s environment, involving as many people as possible, to create a model to be entrusted to tomorrow’s generations. The most evident action is represented by the planning of forestation interventions, for the redevelopment of urban and extra-urban areas throughout the Parma area. Reforesting means returning entire areas to nature: all by creating value for communities, creating liveable and socializing spaces; contributing to climate mitigation and decarbonisation; protecting biodiversity. Upstream, this activity involves the promotion of synergies between public and private realities and a mapping of the territory, to identify the lands that can host new forests.

Thematic Area – Climate change mitigation
Thematic Sub-category

  • Buildings & environment
  • Behavioural adaptation to extreme weather
  • Smart city solutions and tools
  • Green Urbanism related to improving social

Type of Actor/Agent – NGOs
Typology of Green Urban Site – City urban gardens.

Green City Elements:

  • Green areas and Heat Island Effect
  • Heatwaves
  • Citizen Engagement

Engagement and Consultation:
Target Groups – Citizens
Public Engagement – Was applied, proper public
Consultation Tools Used – Link

Resources and Transferability:

Teaching Materials/Resources: Not publicly
Personal Skills Required: Low
Non-discriminatory Principles: No
Transferability Potential: High

Innovation and Impact:
It is a large-scale urban reforestation project
which beneficial effects are destined to extend
well beyond the spaces immediately adjacent to
the occupied area, becoming a hallmark of Parma
and providing its citizens with a multiplicity of
benefits: environmental, social and cultural,
economic and reputational..
Expected Impact Medium
Level of Scale of Innovation 3

Budget and Analysis:
Budget Spent, Source of Money: n/a
Temperature & Climate control, Improved Air
Quality, Increased biodiversity, Improved
environmental resilience, Limiting impact of
heatwaves by reducing urban temperatures,
Well-being benefits (such as people’s perception
of increased biodiversity and improved visual
quality of the environment), Social cost savings
(such as the impact of reduced air pollution),
Improved visual quality of the environment,
Recreational opportunities, Aesthetic enjoyment,
Enhancing social ties, Providing educational
Challenges: n/a