Location: Lyon
Country: France
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Lyon Confluence has been mobilised to support sustainable development and fight climate change since the beginning of the project. This commitment is translated through objectives for energy sobriety and increased renewable energy production, as well as the development of sustainable modes of transport. In La Confluence, energy sobriety goes hand in hand with the sustainable consumption of natural resources. The challenge is also to limit the effects of climate change through adapted urban development. The aim of the urban project implemented in La Confluence is to build a city that is pleasant to live in. This requires urban planning that cares for plants, animals and humans. The challenge is to design and maintain sustainable urban living that gives nature its full rights.

Thematic Area – Climate change mitigation
Thematic Sub-category –

  • Sustainable M
  • obility
  • Green Urbanism related to Energy consumption
  • Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources
  • Buildings & environment
  • Smart city domains for the citizens in green cities
  • Smart city solutions and tools
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Green Urbanism related to improving social

Type of Actor/Agent – Local Council.
Typology of Green Urban Site – Street and residential

Green City Elements:

Mobility (Human-Powered, Multimodal, Electric and Alternative, Public Transport), Integrated Photovoltaics in Urban Environment, Energy (Efficiency in Urban Planning, Communities, Management Systems, Savings, Efficiency in Buildings), Solar Energy – Photovoltaics, Water ( Recovery and Reuse, Storage) , Sustainable Drainage Systems, Irrigation, Buildings and Climate Change, Shading facilities, Green areas and Heat Island Effect, Heatwaves, Extreme Cold, Flash Flood, Compost, Short Supply Chain, Cradle-to-cradle, Smart (People, Governance, Mobility, Environment, Living), Sensorization, Heating and Cooling

Engagement and Consultation:

Target Groups – Citizens
Public Engagement – Was applied, proper public

Innovation and Impact: 

In La Confluence, new builds and eco-renovated homes are equipped with tablets for monitoring energy usage, contributing to a Community Energy Management System (CEMS) that optimizes energy supply in the area and greater Lyon. The district also features an efficient urban heat network connected to CEMS, providing heating and hot water. Additionally, La Confluence is testing Navly, an innovative driverless electric shuttle, to improve local transportation and explore future urban travel modes.
Expected Impact High
Level of Scale of Innovation 5

Budget and Analysis:
Budget Spent, Source of Money: n/a
Benefits: Temperature & Climate control,
Improved Air Quality, Flooding & water Quality,
More wildlife & better habitats, Increased
biodiversity, Improved environmental resilience,
Limiting impact of heatwaves by reducing urban
temperatures, Well-being benefits (such as
people’s perception of increased biodiversity and
improved visual quality of the environment),
Social cost savings (such as the impact of
reduced air pollution), Improved visual quality of
the environment, Recreational opportunities,
Aesthetic enjoyment, Adjusting psychological
well-being and physical health, Enhancing social
Challenges: n/a
Resources and Transferability:
Teaching Materials/Resources: n/a
Personal Skills Required: Medium
Non-discriminatory Principles: n/a
Transferability Potential: High