Micro-Hydro Power





Micro-hydro power systems generate electricity up to 100 kilowatts generally from flowing water, thus, it can be an ideal alternative solution for homeowners, small businesses, and farmers.
Micro-hydro power is clean energy which can be used to provide power for several entities in the city if the circumstances allow the system’s installation.


Hydro power plays a crucial role in supplying electricity from renewable energy sources and fight against climate change. Based on the capacity of the plant, we can differentiate home-scale, pico, micro-hydro power systems and power plants with bigger rated power. The utilization of the water’s kinetic energy has a great tradition, people have used waterwheels for centuries.

In the modern age, a micro-hydro power system produces electricity from the energy of flowing water by transferring it usually with a turbine or a pump. We can differentiate grid-connected and stand- alone systems.

Nowadays, micro-hydro power systems are easy to install, have low maintenance cost, but environmental aspects must be taken into account not to harm the local ecosystem (e.g., it should be fish-friendly).

We also have to consider different factors before planning the installation of a micro-hydropower system, i.e., the vertical distance available and water flow.

Regarding the future, innovation has a key role in developing new solutions to increase the efficiency of these small systems, thus, energy can be produced from small differences in the water level as well, and to reduce the environmental impacts of such systems.