Smart Mobility




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As urbanisation and globalisation continue to increase mobility and traffic in cities, their impact on our environment has become a growing concern. Smart mobility solutions offer a promising path forward, providing a means to create cleaner and more sustainable cities while also facilitating our daily lives. Smart mobility encompasses mixed models, clean and non-motorised forms of transportation, and integrated, technology-driven systems. With innovative applications, smart mobility can lead to more effective traffic management and improved safety on the roads.


Smart mobility solutions have the potential to transform both individual and public transportation. For those who choose to drive, smart solutions can help with navigation, parking, and provide real-time traffic information. With the development of sensors and other smart applications, self-driving cars are becoming a reality. These advances also mean that cities can have access to more and better data about traffic patterns and their effects on the environment, enabling them to prioritise the most sustainable mobility options and lead to more efficient traffic management.

Regarding public transportation, smart solutions can improve the journey experience through real-time information and citizen communication to develop demand-oriented services. Additionally, smart mobility can enable private car use for community purposes in line with sharing economy principles. In Stockholm, for example, an electric car-sharing system was implemented to reduce the number of parking spaces in residential areas and promote sustainable transportation options. In Thessaloniki, the C-MobILE app has been developed to promote eco-friendly driving while improving road safety and traffic efficiency through features such as road works and hazard warnings, green light optimal speed advisory, and emergency vehicle warnings. Overall, smart mobility solutions have the potential to significantly improve urban mobility and create more liveable and sustainable cities.