Smart People




The “smart people” aspect of a smart city pertains to the principles of 21st-century education, inclusivity, and creativity. It emphasizes the need for digital literacy to effectively navigate in the online environment and access training opportunities. With the rapid adoption of digital technologies, our daily habits and cultural norms are also evolving, and people increasingly rely on the internet and online applications for communication and information.


Smart people solutions play a critical role in improving the well-being of citizens in smart cities and have the potential to transform urban environments into vibrant and inclusive communities. Education is crucial for smart people, not only encompassing online learning but also adaptive and lifelong learning, and personalized education solutions. These opportunities can enhance labour market opportunities, lead to the development of professional and personal skills, and provide better access to cultural heritage and information using digital tools in the cultural sector, resulting in improved tourism experiences and virtual tours.

Although citizens today rely heavily on online platforms for information and socialising, the digital divide may exacerbate social tensions if vulnerable groups are excluded from these opportunities. Nonetheless, smart people ideas can contribute to community-building. Smart people solutions can help address the digital gap by fostering community-building and citizen engagement and revitalising underused spaces with innovative urban solutions. It is crucial to ensure that vulnerable groups are not left behind in the digital divide. Utilising their skills and knowledge, smart people can create innovative solutions for urban challenges, such as transportation, energy efficiency, waste management, and affordable housing, ultimately leading to the development of a sustainable and inclusive society. Working together, smart people can create a bright future for smart cities where everyone has access to the benefits of digital technology and inclusive community development.