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Climate change and global warming require the adaptation of existing and future tourist facilities. Resorts must be prepared for extreme weather conditions such as extreme warm and cold, flash floods, or drought. Tourism sector has to be equipped for these challenges but only focusing on facility upgrades are not sufficient; the offered programmes should also be climate adapted. New solutions and approaches are needed to make the sector more environmentally friendly.


Climate change impacts our holidays directly and indirectly changing our travelling patterns and choices. Nevertheless, we can benefit from the higher average temperature and facility adaptation via extending the main season and saving energy. Besides upgrading tourist facilities, preservation of cultural heritage, e.g., monuments, is also essential. Modern materials and technologies can help fight against acid rain, thermal expansion and fires which cause chemical and mechanical damages.

Nowadays, conditioned air (AC) is inevitable if a resort wants to provide thermal comfort for their guests. In addition, these devices can be used for heating on cooler days out of heating season which ensures better exploitation of the existing facilities. Nevertheless, AC’s have high energy consumption which should be supplied from renewable energy sources. An adequate, climate adaptive solution could be, for example, if we install photovoltaics to create shaded parking areas for the guests. Also, facility’s insulation is important to reduce the operation time of ACs.

Meeting sustainable tourism criteria can also help hotels to change their facilities in a climate adaptive way. Eco tourism are more and more popular as the consciousness of the tourists are increasing. By taking into account environmental and marketing aspects, sustainable tourism offers with adapted touristic facilities can be the future of the sector which should be prioritize by the city leaders. Green cities with adapted tourist facilities can provide a liveable environment for local people while contribute to sustainable tourism and development.